Tatler Singapore | Sustainable packaging firm TRIA works with KFC SG

The Singapore-based company and the fast-food chain embark on a six-month pilot programme to turn waste into nutrition for agriculture using TRIA’s patented technology. Sustainable packaging company TRIA has partnered KFC Singapore on a six-month pilot programme to convert the fast-food chain’s food waste and single-use packaging into farm fertiliser. KFC will test out TRIA’s solution at its outlet at Northpoint City mall in Yishun, swapping out its regular packaging with TRIA’s proprietary Neutria foodware, which is compostable and made using plant-based materials such as corn. The outlet’s packaging and food waste will be collected and delivered to a recycling plant. There, the waste will be thrown into TRIA’s patented Bio24 digester, which breaks it down into smaller pieces and enables natural enzyme action in order to produce compost within 24 hours.

According to Ng Pei Kang, TRIA’s founder and CEO and a 2020 Gen.T honouree, the digester, is able to remove inorganic materials such as metal or plastic that may have gotten into the waste. It can also produce between 200 to 300kg of fertiliser with a tonne of waste. As soon as TRIA is able to produce a stable supply of fertiliser, Ng says the company hopes to sell them to farms in Singapore and Malaysia. TRIA is currently working with Norwegian fertiliser company, Yara, to formulate a commercial-grade fertiliser that is suitable for large-scale agriculture. Upon completion of the pilot programme, KFC says it will work with Tria to assess how it can scale the solution across all of its 80 outlets in Singapore in 2023.