Delighted to share this comprehensive and (very enjoyable) feature from Channel 8’s Hello Singapore 狮城有约 at

News Producer Xiaoyu Fu spent some time with TRIA Solutions and took an in-depth view into what it takes to ‘close-the-loop’. TRIA Solutions is able to empower industry partners such as SATS Ltd. and KFC Singapore to provide food to customers with an end to end solution to recycle #foodware and #foodwaste.

That is done when TRIA provides industry partners with foodware, waste collection (collect back by taking responsibility), through to #valorisation and conversions and creating new value out of waste.

TRIA utilises breakthrough technologies in material, recycling and valorisation, TRIA has developed an end to-end system which starts from the supply of #bio-based packaging, to the collect back of its waste for organic recycling, turning waste into farm-ready #fertilizers for crop #growth.

This allows foodware and foodwaste collected from food service restaurants like KFC or national events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix to close the loop on their single-use packaging, it opens a new chapter on regenerative food and the possibilities of a circular food system.

This will allow the extraction of valuable nutrients from urban city waste, into fertiliser to nourish food crops production instead of sending these waste to incineration. Such a collaboration allow industry players to embrace a #circular food system and reduce their carbon footprint.