Good Design Research Initiative: Kick Off Session

What motivates a consumer to find value in sustainability, allowing them to make intentional choices based on environmental concerns or through social influence?

TRIA Pte. Ltd. in a joint collaboration with Studio Dojo and DesignSingapore Council, takes a deepdive into consumer insights on how #sustainability means to the consumer in multiple aspects of their lives.

A morning well spent through, as we kickstarted the first team meeting with volunteers of the program, coming from all fields including the medical healthcare sector, fashion retail to design research, in an engaging session with insightful sharings through our panel discussions. TRIA’s CEO Pei Kang Ng was able to share more about TRIA’s current projects. There were lively banters as the participants explored systems thinking on how business can benefit from understanding these customer insights.
#designthinking #systemsthinking#sustainability and #circularitycheaw hwei low Khai Seng Hong

Good #Design Research (GDR) Initiative is supported by DesignSingapore Council to support companies that are deeply motivated to pursue and develop #innovative and impactful work that tackles complex global, #societal and sustainability challenges.