In 2019, F1 launched a countdown to reaching net-zero carbon by 2030 and hosting #sustainable races by 2025.

Single-use plates and cups available at the event will also be different from the typical ones that are known to leave a larger carbon footprint. Instead, the disposable tableware – made with #plantbased material and provided by local startup TRIA Pte. Ltd. – will be collected after use and converted into #fertiliser.

“It is digestible, it can be broken down. So we further put it through our digestion technology, we can #accelerate the pace rapidly, to the extent (it) can be turned into fertiliser,” said TRIA’s chief executive Pei Kang Ng Pei Kang.

Fertiliser producer Yara International is exploring ways to make TRIA Pte. Ltd. ’s fertiliser suitable for use in farming. Given that the firm’s organic fertiliser is low in nutrient density, it needs to be mixed with chemical fertiliser to give it value in the agricultural industry.

Mr Werner Prinsloo, director of Sustainability & Food Chain in Africa & Asia at Yara International, explained why his firm is eyeing TRIA’s fertiliser. “There is no need to separate anything. And that allows us to have a more consistent organic mineral fertiliser in the end. So it’s just really the ease of use and the fact that they are truly a #circular #packaging company,” he said.

Source: Channel News Asia TV and Online
Credits: Aslam Shah